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جامعة بيلغورود الحكومية

NIU Belgorod State University

NIU Belgorod State University

An overview of the university's history

Belgorod State University is one of the oldest universities in the city of Belgorod and the largest university in the Belgorod region
Belgorod State University was founded in 1876 initially as a pedagogical institute
In 1919, the Belgorod Pedagogical Institute was transformed into the Belgorod Pedagogical University
In 1923, it was reorganized into educational colleges and then transformed in 1923
1939 to Belgorod State Pedagogical University
It was renamed numerous times and was finally named in 1996

“Belgord State University named after Umenskov”

University statistics from colleges, departments, and international students

Today Belgorod State University has 25 thousand students from 85 regions of Russia
And 1,800 foreign students from 76 countries, 72 teachers and doctors, 98 departments and 74 research centers and laboratories.
The university offers major, bachelor's and master's study programs in 180 fields, as well as 26 fields of training and 80 educational programs for students.


تصنيف الجامعة العالمي

هي 15 من اصل 32 جامعة التي منح لها لقب جامعة البحوث العلمية من قبل وزارة  التعليم و العلوم الروسية 

في عام 2012 انضمت الجامعة الى افضل 30 جامعة وطنية  من اصل 103 جامعة 

تتميز بكلية الاقتصاد وكلية الطب. في الترتيب الوطني للجامعات تاخذ رقم 37بين أفضل 100 جامعة 

belgorod state university
belgorod state university

study fees

Study of medical specialties: $2640 to study in Russian

It costs up to $6,760 to study in English
Studying the disciplines of information systems and technology and literary disciplines

It costs $2,240 to study in Russian

It costs up to $4,490 to study in English

belgorod state university

About housing and living costs

Belgorod State University has university housing for foreign students

It is located close to the university


It offers comfortable and spacious rooms fully equipped with the best supplies


It was designed in a way that makes it easier for the student to reach the university

Because the basis of study there is constant attendance at university lectures

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