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Study engineering in Russia


Engineering as a career offers many opportunities and will never go away or reach a saturation point. Russia has always been internationally famous in the scientific and professional field for various fields of engineering, and many of its universities are considered schools of educational excellence in the engineering field. The Russian Sun Company provides you with the opportunity to study engineering specializations in the Federal Republic of Russia.

Study is available in many Russian engineering universities. The long-term history of these universities provides many examples of creating a large number of internationally known scientific contributions to the development of various fields such as aeronautical engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer engineering, radio engineering, electronics, petroleum, laser technology, dynamics, machine power, and physics. Theoretical and experimental, mathematics, cybernetics, computer science, discovering new sources of energy, solving new scientific and technological problems, and implementing new methods of generating, distributing and consuming energy.

The goal of these universities is to train craftsmen in the best practical methods and means with a solid theoretical background to improve and spread skills in various professions. The most important element of higher education is the combination of basic theoretical knowledge with deep engineering skills, enabling students to solve the problems of contemporary science and modern industries.

Advantages of studying engineering in Russia

Russian education is advancing rapidly, especially in the field of modern research and development

Russian higher education provides access to the latest scientific and technical laboratories and centers

Many multinational companies hire Russian graduates from executive positions to blue-collar jobs. Therefore, Russian universities now attract millions of foreign researchers and science students around the world.

Most state universities have been endorsed by the Russian government as national research universities

Russians are among the countries that spend a significant amount of their budget on education, modern research and technological developments.

Languages available for studying engineering majors in Russia

Russian language - some specializations are available in English

In the case of studying in the Russian language, the student first studies the preparatory year, or what is called the introductory year, to study and learn the Russian language and the complementary engineering subjects, which are physics and mathematics. After completing the preparatory year, the student moves to the first year in the specialty he desires to study.

In the case of studying in the English language, the student is tested in the language in which he wants to study, and the student is also tested in physics and mathematics in the language in which he wants to study. After passing the test, the student is affiliated with the specialty he desires to study without the need to study the preparatory year.

Number of years of study for engineering majors

First, the preparatory year is studied, which is a full academic year. After the preparatory year, the number of years of study is as follows

Bachelor's degree course -4 years

Master's degree course -2 years

Doctorate degree is a 3-year course


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