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Choose your specialty

Choose the specialty that is appropriate for you and that will give you the opportunity to be on the right path to achieving your dreams

After choosing the specialty

After choosing the desired specialization, it will remain for you to provide us with the necessary documents in order to begin the procedures for your enrollment and registration in the desired university and the specialization that you desire.

Completing the procedures

After completing the procedures, we will send you the official study invitation issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to go to the Russian embassy in your country, obtain the visa, and become ready to travel, and we will be waiting for you to receive you at the airport.

You can make your dreams become to be a reality

Study Abroad with Elshams Company 

Registration is open for the 2024-2025 academic year

Hurry up and reserve your seat with us

Study medicine - study pharmacy - study engineering - study civil aviation - study marine - postgraduate studies

Universities in both Russia and Georgia accept foreign students starting from a total of 50% in top colleges

(...medicine, pharmacy, engineering, and aviation)
Accepting the student without the need for a certificate


To study abroad ESR Al-Shams Company

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Five steps to enroll in Russian universities

Completion of paper procedures
Studying abroad
Studying abroad
Studying abroad
الدراسة في الخارج
Studying abroad






لماذا الدراسة في جورجيا

يعد التعليم في جورجيا مصدر جذب لكثير من الطلبة الأجانب وخاصة الطلبة القادمين من الهند وباكستان والدول العربية كالطلبة القادمين من العراق وسوريا ومصر واليمن والسعودية وبعض البلدان المختلفة . حيث تعتبر جورجيا مصدر جذب لكثير من الطلبة حول العالم بسبب رخص المعيشة قياساً بالدول الأوربية وتوفر كافة الخدمات والمتطلبات لدى المقيم في جورجيا من شبكات الإتصال والانترنت والمواصلات حيث توجد في العاصمة تبليسي محطة ميترو تغطي معظم مناطق العاصمة وايضا حافلات لنقل الركاب وباصات صغيرة ناهيك عن توفر خدمات الغاز والكهرباء وقله تكلفتها . فضلا من ان الشعب الجورجي شعب كريم وبسيط ومحب للاجنبي حيث تجد السلاسة والبساطة في التعامل بعيداً عن العنصرية , والجدير بالذكر أن تبليسي تعتبر مدينة منفتحة على الثقافات وذلك بسبب تعايش مختلف الأعراق والأجناس – كالقوقازيين والروس والاذر والايرانيين والعرب والكورد فضلا عن الارمن . أعطى لهذه المدينة صبغة حضارية مميزة فضلا عن مؤسسات التعليم الجيدة والتي تلبي طموحات الطالب العربي من حيث الدراسة والتكلفة

Studying abroad

Why study in Russia?

More than 250,000 foreign students from 200 countries of the world have chosen Russia to be their destination for obtaining higher education in order to build a better future, as studying in Russia is available to everyone and at a high level of modernity, modernity and development.

Russia has an ancient history that extends over many centuries, rich in heritage and culture. It has secured culture in Russia and greatly supported Russia’s reputation, authority and influence in the world and helped it to become a great power.

Russia provides great opportunities to practice various forms of sports in the most modern equipped halls and sports arenas

Russia organizes world-class sporting events, as Russia is a major sporting country

In 2014, the Russian city of Sochi hosted the Games and Russia ranked first in the Olympics, and in 2018 the 21st FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia.

Education in Russia is sophisticated, advanced, and recognized all over the world. Russia also ranks first in the world in terms of learning rates and population culture at a rate of (99.6%). Russia is proud of its educational system, which is considered one of the best educational systems in the world. World level

According to the report of the Organization for Cooperation, Development and Research in the Economic Field, Russia was considered in 2014 the most educated country in the world.

Study in Russia
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