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Studying theoretical, economic, and humanities disciplines in Russia

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Russia, which has one of the highest literacy rates in the world (99.6%), has become increasingly popular as a study destination among international students coming to the Russian Federation from all over the world, including Arab students, as thousands of students from all over the Arab world successfully graduate from Russian universities every year. Because of its internationally respected educational standards (with European parity), reasonable costs, and suitable living conditions in a superpower advanced at all levels.

Russia offers a great opportunity for those who want to obtain a higher education. Russian higher education offers a wealth of choices in theoretical, literary, economic, linguistic, and humanities disciplines through prestigious Russian public universities recognized throughout the world.

Number of years of study

First, the preparatory year is studied, which is a full academic year. After the preparatory year, the number of years of study is as follows

Bachelor's degree course - 4 years

Master's degree course - 2 years

PhD course - 3 years

Some specializations available

خدمة اجتماعية

آثار ومتاحف



علوم سياسية


علم الإنسان - الأنثروبولوجيا

علاقات دولية


آداب اللغة الانجليزية

لغة فرنسية

دعاية وإعلان

ملابس ونسيج

ديكور - تصميم داخلي

لغة إسبانية

لغة ألمانية

لغة تركية

لغة إيطالية

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