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Saint Petersburg State University
SPSU-Saint Petersburg State University

SPSU-Saint Petersburg State University
SPSU-Saint Petersburg State University

Global university rankings

Saint Petersburg University is among the top 100 universities in the world according to the rankings
QS THE for international universities
EduRank and site ranking

In the world
385- 14178

In Europe
142 – 2794

In Russia
3 – 385

In San Petersburg
1 – 32

Advantages of studying at St. Petersburg State University

Enjoyable student life

Student life at St. Petersburg University is interesting and diverse

Every year the university holds more than 300 student events, celebrations, conferences and competitions
Students can practice up to 21 types of sports at 30 campuses.
University teams participate in sporting events

Russian and international and wins many awards and tournaments

Global jobs

The educational programs at Saint Petersburg University are relevant to the challenges and opportunities in the global labor market, and its graduates can take up positions in international companies. The university has more than 1,200 long-term cooperation agreements with major international companies such as
IBM, Unilever, PepsiCo, McKinsey, Google, Carl Zeiss, Microsoft, Leica, Intel, Adobe, Huawei
And many other leading international companies

Study in more than one language for international students

Each year, more than 3,000 international students from 100 countries enroll at St. Petersburg State University and can choose from 24 master's programs in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian as well as more than 400 programs at bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels taught in Russian.

Majors and colleges
St. Petersburg University brings together all specializations, as it consists of 20 faculties specialized in various fields

About housing and living costs

St. Petersburg State University provides university housing for international students: 12 houses in the Petrodstovsky district - 10 of which are located on the campus grounds - 8 houses in the Vasiliostrovsky district and one house in the Nevsky district.

All the houses are located near the educational buildings and are subject to 24-hour guarding. They are regularly maintained and equipped with the necessary furniture. The rooms in the university housing can accommodate 2-3 students.

As for the costs of living for a student in the city of St. Petersburg, they range between 250 and 350 dollars per month to cover the costs of living for the student, excluding the costs of education and study, which are much cheaper compared to any other European country, and since the expenses of living in this city are higher than other Russian cities, it is It is difficult to know the exact amount due to differences in students’ lifestyle
St. Petersburg has many private buses that give students fares at a 50% discount. However
, the foreign student does not use public transportation because the colleges are close to the university housing.

study fees

Education costs in Russia are considered significantly lower than any other European country, while maintaining the same educational quality and intellectual sophistication

Tuition fees in most Russian universities start from $1500 to $4000

Expenses vary according to the university and specialty, and either include accommodation and health insurance, or are tuition fees only.

The University of St. Petersburg offers more than 30 scholarships that can be obtained through student competitions and is awarded to more than 400 winners. The total amount of the scholarship is up to 15,000 rubles

Outstanding students at St. Petersburg University can obtain scholarships allocated from the University Fund to support education and research
The university also has joint programs and scholarships with business and private funds

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