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Tambov State University
Tambov State University named after GR Derzhavin

About the city of Tambov

The city of Tambov was founded in

1636 Tambov region is located in the central part of Russia

Close to Moscow, the capital of Russia, the city of Tambov is greatly influenced by the city of Moscow

Where rapid political, economic and cultural development

  As it also develops very quickly in the following patterns

Modern buildings, shopping centers and institutions are being constructed, sports and entertainment centers are being opened
Economic development, in turn, contributes to a continuous rise in the city's demographics

About half a million people live in this city.

Therefore, the population of university students constitutes more than 10% of the total population of the city

This fact shows how attractive the city is for young people who want to obtain higher education

Which is characterized by high quality

The infrastructure of the city and the university allows students to combine success in their studies

Providing all facilities to practice sports and recreational activities in their free time

tambov state university

Faculties and majors available at the university
Petrochemicals (in English or Russian)
Finance and credit
Accounting and tax control
Local Administration
Human Resource Management
Informatics business
Commercial industry
Hotel and business services
Information technology communications and communication systems

computer engineering
Information Security
Applied information science
Mathematics and computer science
Applied mathematics and informatics
Software and information systems management
Chemistry; biology
Environment and environmental management
philosophy; Political Science
the date
the law
the press
Advertising and public relations
International Relations
Cultural studies
Religious studies
Physical education and sports. physical education
Science documents and archives of science. Business publishing
Linguistics. Sociology
Social Service
pedagogical education; Educational psychology
Special Education (Speech Language Pathology)
Social and cultural activity
Museology and protection of cultural property and natural heritage
Applied designs, decorative arts and national letters
Artistic music

tambov state university
tambov state university
tambov state university
tambov state university
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